Covid 19: during the current pandemic we are committed to providing support to Children, Young People and their families.
We are providing our service online where possible, when this is not practical, we continuing our support in line with the latest governement guidelines.

Our Vision & Mission


A world where families and professionals understand and are responsive to those who are survivors of adverse life experiences.

To bring relational calm and connection through systemically informed and trauma aware care.


Behind the Vision

Arlette is a specialist Systemic Psychotherapist who has over 20 years of experience working with children, young people and their families in different capacities. She has worked in the NHS, children's services, education and the non-profit sector - supporting a range of difficulties from mental health, educational issues, Special Educational Needs, to Parenting.

Arlette has extensive experience in the area of complex trauma, working clinically with children and young people, their families and the wider “system of professionals.” Arlette more recently worked for a Human Rights organisation with survivors of trauma and unaccompanied asylum seeking children adding to her experience of working cross-culturally.

Arlette believes that every situation is unique and uses her wide range of therapeutic techniques to build a support programe designed around the needs of the people involved.

Arlette uses a systemic approach to work with schools and organisation to support them to adopt and to integrate a systemic approach to trauma and ACE's that goes beyond simple knowledge exchange, incorporating the ideas of reflective practice and supervision.