Covid 19: during the current pandemic we are committed to providing support to Children, Young People and their families.
We are providing our service online where possible, when this is not practical, we continuing our support in line with the latest governement guidelines.

Calm Families

Here at Calm Together we believe that we can create a family where we have calm, comfortable and understanding relationships, regardless of adversity or trauma.

A calm body and calm mind support calm, connected relationships. We know that traumatic or adverse experiences can isolate us as parents and create challenges in finding appropriate support, in knowing what and how to support our children.

We will work with you and your child to build understanding and create calmer relationships.

We have a family centred approach which holds all relationships in mind, whilst considering the individuals within.

We succeed. Our approach works - its drawn from experience, science and discovering together.

Would your family benefit from experiencing calm, connected, and understanding relationships following adversity?

Services for Families


We offer Systemic Psychotherapy to family groups, Children & Young People.

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Family Workshops

We are currently developing a range of short trauma informed family workshops for parents - please watch this space. If there is something particular that you require please do not hesitate to contact me, we are here to help.

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