Covid 19: during the current pandemic we are committed to providing support to Children, Young People and their families.
We are providing our service online where possible, when this is not practical, we continuing our support in line with the latest governement guidelines.
Supporting Families, Schools and Communities through challenging times

Calm Together is a Therapeutic Support, Training and Consultancy service based in the North East of England dedicated to reducing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) using Systemic and Trauma Informed approaches. Read More>>

The parent (or care giver) / child relationship is the most powerful mental health intervention known to man.

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Calm Together understands the complex nature of ACE's and trauma on Children & Young People, their families and the wider support network.

At Calm Together we believe that you can bring calm to lives through understanding the impact of trauma (ACEs), recognising the signs of and responding the needs of Children & Young People through relationships

Focus on what's most important

Calm Schools

Calm Together understands the complex systems of schools and organisations and the challenges they face supporting those affected by ACE's.

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Calm Families

Calm Together understands the ripple effect of trauma within a family environment, and the stressors this can place on parents. We are here to help you through these challenging times.

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Calm Communities

Calm Together is interested in working with professionals supporting families who are struggling as a result of ACE's. You may be a social worker, support worker or a therapist. We offer a range of services to support you.

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